A closer look at each of the 20 teams participating at the 2021 World Selects Trophy.

The ‘20 in 20’ series takes a deep dive into each of the 20 teams competing at the historic World Selects Trophy in Nashville, Tennessee on June 28th. This 15U tournament is set to feature the best players in the age group from around the world with players from the U.S., Canada and Europe. Today, we take a closer look at DraftDay Red.


One of two teams entered into the field by DraftDay Hockey, the Red squad has plenty of talent in its own right. Finn Wilson is an excellent goaltender out of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). He alone will give DraftDay Red a strong chance in every tournament game he takes the net. With enough firepower up front, the team could be in good shape to make a run. Defenseman Logan Hurd has been described as a manchild on the back end after having an exceptional season for the Mid-Fairfield Jr. Rangers. His regular-season teammate Andrew DellaSalla is capable of making an impact on the forecheck as well.

DraftDay has been a regular participant in the World Selects tournament series in both North America and abroad, boasting such prospects as Matthew Savoie (2004), Rutger McGroarty (2004), Lante Hutson (2004) and Conor Bedard (2005), among many others. They’re also no stranger to entering multiple teams into the field and having both find success, doing so in each of the previous three North American events. 

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