A closer look at each of the 20 teams participating at the 2021 World Selects Trophy.

The ‘20 in 20’ series takes a deep dive into each of the 20 teams competing at the historic World Selects Trophy in Nashville, Tennessee on June 28th. This 15U tournament is set to feature the best players in the age group from around the world with players from the U.S., Canada and Europe. Today, we take a closer look at RSG Selects.

RSG Selects

Based out of New Jersey, RSG Selects provides a premiere youth-to-junior spring development and team program. The focus behind its training leans on lifelong principles of teamwork, sportsmanship and education with respect for coaches, officials and the opponent.

Committed to teaching a competitive culture for every player at every level, RSG aims to provide participants a structured environment that offers:

Previously operating as XHP Selects, the program competed in the 2019 World Selects and finished with a 3-2-0 record after pool play. Now under a new name competing in a new city, RSG will look to qualify for the elimination rounds for the first time in its tournament history. Coach Noel Rubin will be behind the bench for RSG, and he is a seasoned veteran of the World Selects series. 

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