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Is Mount St. Charles The Team To Beat Among '06s?



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The 2008-born Pittsburgh Penguins Elite pose for a team picture after winning the 14U division at the 2022 USHL Fall Classic
Premier early-season showcase for top U.S. teams
Matvei Larechnev, 2008 defenseman for Mikhailov Academy eyes the puck during a game.
Lokomotiv 2004 and Mikhailov Academy look to make moves in early-season matchups
2009-born forward Winston Ilmarsson skates with the puck for Sodertalje
Ilmarsson, Valdebenito, Reimdal, Asplund provide diverse scoring threat for Södertälje
Junior, College and Pro scouts converge on Pittsburgh for early-season showcase
'09s finish atop group play, take home gold medal
Advice from the NTDP’s head of scouting